City of Austin Accelerates Time‐to‐Market for Innovative PV Inverter

April 6, 2011, AUSTIN –– Ideal Power Converters (IPC) – member of the Austin Technology Incubator and
recipient of a $1 million commercialization award from the Texas Emerging Technology Fund (ETF) – is
accelerating its development process and time‐to‐market of its breakthrough solar photovoltaic (PV) inverter
products, which will improve both energy‐ and cost‐ efficiency for applications including solar inverters, wind
power converters, and hybrid‐electric vehicles.

Paul Bundschuh, IPC’s Vice President of Business Development, attributes the acceleration in part to IPC’s
close relationship with the Austin Convention Center, where its initial 30kW PV inverter prototype has been
pilot testing since last October with additional support from Austin Energy. “The local clean energy
ecosystem has many supportive organizations. In this case our cooperation with the Austin Convention
Center, City of Austin, and Austin Energy has enabled us to install and obtain early test results on our
prototype system. This validates our technology for investors and early customers, and provides important
technical feedback,” said Bundschuh.

“The IPC prototype inverter was connected to a 20‐year‐old PV array. This system has not been producing
power for several years due to the failure of the original PV inverter system,” said David Thomas, Operations
Manager of the Austin Convention Center, “In addition to providing technical assistance for IPC, our array is
now producing power again for the facility, reducing our electrical energy requirements.”

“The Austin Chamber’s clean energy economic development program is aggressively working to accelerate
the region’s clean technology economy by attracting new clean energy companies to the region as well as by
assisting local cleantech startups such as IPC,” said Jose Beceiro, Director of Clean Energy Economic
Development, Austin Chamber of Commerce.

Bundschuh will join a host of other speakers tomorrow at the GoGreen ’11 Austin conference on the panel
Funding Green: Financing Options for Sustainable Business Initiatives, moderated by Jose Beceiro, Director of
Clean Energy and Economic Development for the Chamber. The GoGreen ’11 Austin conference features an
array of educational panel sessions and networking opportunities to discuss strategies around sustainability.

About IPC
Electronic power converters provide the infrastructure for the clean energy revolution improving electrical energy efficiency,
renewable energy production, smart power grids, and economic electric vehicles. Ideal Power Converters has patented and is bringing
to market a revolutionary new power‐converter technology, and its products will improve both energy and cost efficiency for
applications including solar inverters, wind power converters, AC motor drives, and hybrid‐electric vehicles. IPC is a member of the
Austin Technology Incubator, and has received funding from the State of Texas Emerging Technology Fund
and Battery Ventures.

About the Austin Chamber
The mission of the Austin Chamber of Commerce is to provide leadership that facilitates the creation of a prosperous regional
economy and effective advocacy for its members.

About GoGreen ’11 Austin
The GoGreen Conference is a unique opportunity to learn the latest in sustainable practices for your business. This one day conference
features educational panel sessions and networking opportunities with a distinct platform of showcasing statewide business leader
case studies and their success stories and strategies around sustainability. Attendees gain the opportunity to implement best practices
learned and create viable partnerships within your regional business environment.

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