Ideal Power Converters to Display Revolutionary PV Inverter at InterSolar North America 2011

94lb inverter reduces shipping and installation costs up to 90% for 480V commercial PV systems with grounded arrays

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – July 5, 2011 – Ideal Power Converters (IPC) will display the first commercial inverter system using its revolutionary current‐modulation electronic power converter technology at InterSolar North America on July 12‐14. The IPV‐30kW‐480 photovoltaic inverter is ideally suited for 480V US commercial rooftop installations. At only 94lbs and only 36.5 inches tall (HWD ‐ 36.5 x 15 x 10.75 inches), the system reduces inverter shipping and installation costs by up to 90% for commercial rooftop installations, which is the largest PV market segment in the US. Additionally, this inverter easily fits into a building’s existing Mechanical Room for enhanced security and reliability. The inverter will be on display at the IPC booth, 7530. Product shipments are expected to begin in the fourth quarter of 2011.

The IPV‐30kW‐480 inverter weighs only 94lbs compared to approximately 1200lbs from conventional PV inverter systems of the same power and voltage – 30 kW and 480V AC 3‐phase. The IPV‐30kW‐480 can ship via UPS ground and mounts easily on a wall with only two technicians; by comparison, competitor’s 480V inverters require freight shipment, a custom poured concrete pad, and a forklift or crane for mounting. The combination of the dramatic weight reduction and size reduction lowers inverter shipping and installation costs by up to 90%, saving installers $0.10 to $0.20/Wdc. Other system benefits of the IPV‐30kW‐480 inverter include high string voltage to reduce wiring costs, the absence of any low voltage drop‐out, and very low GFDI trip points for enhanced fire safety.

“Ideal Power Converters’ IPV‐30kW‐480 inverter offers an architecture that we believe will become a standard for commercial scale rooftop systems, the largest and fastest growing segment of the US solar market,” stated Roger Jennings, General Manager, Texas Solar Power Company. “The 1000V DC bipolar, transformer‐less inverter lowers installation cost, lowers wiring cost, improves system efficiency, and improves GFDI sensitivity.”

The IPC inverter does not use a transformer, but unlike conventional voltage‐source transformer‐less inverters commonly used in Europe, it supports 480V AC 3‐phase commercial power, and grounded PV arrays with either bipolar or unipolar array configurations.

IPC’s current‐modulation electronic power converter topology uses a completely new and patented topology, while using standard components and materials. As a result the cost of materials and manufacturing is also further reduced. The inverter has been developed and is being manufactured in the US. The competitive pricing of the IPV‐30kW‐480 inverter, combined with it’s much lower shipping and installation costs, will significantly lower PV Balance of System costs, resulting in higher profits for system integrators.

With projected CEC efficiency of over 96.5%, the IPC converter topology also has several significant design improvements over conventional inverters for improved reliability, including the elimination of all electrolytic capacitors, the components mostly likely to fatigue and fail in PV inverter systems.

The IPV‐30kW‐480 is IPC’s first commercial product. Look for future information from IPC on higher power PV inverters, PV inverters with an integral battery port, wind power converters, and variable frequency drives (VFDs).

About Ideal Power Converters
Electronic power converters provide the infrastructure for the clean energy revolution improving electrical energy efficiency, renewable energy production, smart power grids, and economic electric vehicles. Ideal Power Converters has patented and is further developing a revolutionary new power‐converter technology, and its products will improve both energy and cost efficiency for applications including solar inverters, wind converters, AC motor drives, and hybrid‐electric vehicles. IPC has received funding from the State of Texas Emerging Technology Fund and Battery Ventures. IPC won the “Top Utility Technology” Award at Clean Tech 2011 in June.

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